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Lotus Elise S


Prices from                                                           £36,200.00*


Want more torque? Then the latest addition to the Elise range, our new Elise S, is the answer to your prayers. The Elise S replaces the Elise SC with an all-new 1.8l super charged engine capable of delivering 217 hp and a power delivery which results in 184 lbft torque. Its new 2ZR FE engine benefits from a Magnuson R900 supercharger, and improves upon its predecessor 'SC' model with 40% more torque offering astonishing performance of 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds!
The Elise S is better still because along with more power and increased throttle response, its new engine is also more efficient. This is perfect for the Lotus owner looking for a more exhilarating and lively driving experience without spending as much time at the fuel pump. Elise S offers 10% better fuel economy and 10% lower emissions than its predecessor and is only £195 for Road Tax and runs 37.5mpg Combined Cycle!

LOTUS Elise S Club Racer

Prices from                                           £35,600.00*
Following the success of the Elise 1.6 Club Racer, the Elise S Club Racer model goes on sale from August 2013. Its introduction offers the most powerful engine yet fitted to an Elise Club Racer, with the combination of a 19.06 kg weight reduction over the standard Elise S and a 62% power increase compared to the Elise 1.6 Club Racer resulting in a highly focused and exhilerating sports car.

Ideally suited to track day enthusiasts and purists, the Elise S Club Racer epitomises Lotus' ethos of performance through lightweight and a pure driving experience.
*Prices do not include delivery charges, PDi, first service, number plates, first registration fee, road fund licence, fuel (or any other on the road charges) or any other costs.


Our current range of new Lotus cars includes:  Elise, Elise S, Evora, Evora IPS, Evora S, Evora S IPS,
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