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Europa SE

The Europa SE is a true drivers car, it's a terrific mix of performance, agility and style. Perfect for those who perceive the Elise and Exige as a little too extreme for everyday use, but still require the Lotus DNA.

Equipped with race car derived double wishbone suspension to give an exceptional driving feel, the sleek Europa body work, together with the assistance of the flat underbody, provides aerodynamic benefits for great handling at speed.

In the Europa SE, Take the straight route and you're rewarded with enhanced comfort levels, a superior ride and effortless cruising. Take the long way home, or a more meandering route and the core Lotus philosophy of performance through lightweight shines through.

The Lotus Europa SE; GT style, flair and charisma in motion. Elise Exige Cup 260Exige SElise RLotus Elise SCLotus Elise