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Exige Cup 260

The true epitome of the Lotus brand philosophy of "performance through light weight", the Exige Cup 260 is one of the most exhilarating, focused and pure sportscars on the road today.

Take the significant weight savings introduced in last year's model, extensive body and aerodynamic improvements as introduced on the 2010 Exige, together with some exciting new components and technologies and you have the purest Exige yet.

Compared to the already lightweight Exige S, use of additional carbon fibre and other weight saving components and removal of other non-essential components gives a weight saving of 38kg.

This reduction in vehicle mass is complemented by an impressive 30% increase in lateral stiffness to the rear subframe suspension pickup points (giving better tyre contact patch). There is a new restyled front end including a new more efficient front splitter, balanced aerodynamically by the introduction of the larger GT3-style carbon chord composite rear wing.

Time to have some supercharged fun... SLotus Elise Exige Cup 260 RLotus Elise SCLotus Elise