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Exige S

The Exige S is an extreme coupe, engineered to provide pure, serious fun.

The design is functional and inspiring; it instantly demands your attention and shouts its intent. No excess; everything has a purpose.

Aerodynamic aids impart 80 kilos of downforce at top speed, squeezing the semi-slick tyres onto the tarmac for extreme cornering grip. The 1.8 litre VVTL-i supercharged engine provides 220bhp and is tuned for instantaneous response and savage acceleration. Combined with the rigid bonded aluminium chassis, the agility and extreme performance provide the ultimate in exhilaration.

The Lotus Exige S demands to be driven and rewards you with the most pure driving experience available. EliseElise RLotus Elise Exige Cup 260Exige SLotus Elise SC