Murray Motor Company has represented Lotus as a franchise dealership, servicing and parts centre for over 25 years. Our servicing team are factory-trained with the latest technology at their fingertips to provide the reassurance and expertise your car deserves. We utilise the freshest diagnostic systems available, exclusive to the dealership network, and bring you required software updates for your engine and transmission control units.

Our servicing advisors and technicians are on hand to answer any questions you may have about your Lotus, and are available to offer advise and support if needed. We carry out scheduled maintenance servicing, pre/post trackday inspections, MOT’s, accessory and upgrade fitting, and complimentary vehicle health checks.

If you’re visiting briefly, enjoy our newly refurbished lounge with a great view and access to the workshop while your car gets seen to. Or should you prefer, replacement vehicles are on standby.


Whether your Lotus car is between services , the season is changing, or you have a track day planned, take advantage of a complimentary vehicle health check at Murray Lotus.

Our factory trained technicians use their expertise to inspect and advise on a number of vital components on your Lotus such as Powertrain, Cooling and Braking Systems, Steering and Suspension, Safety and more.

Supplementary advisements can be made with regards to 4-wheel alignments, wheel balance and Air Conditioning Units.

Stop worrying about the unknown and contact us today to book your complimentary health check — make sure your Lotus is ready!



Murray Motor Company are proud to be a service agent part of the TerraClean network. TerraClean is a unique decarbonisation technology which makes a significant improvement to the Emissions, MPG and Driveability & Performance of your vehicle.

This technology was developed by a group of scientists in Canada as a byproduct of their aims to develop a zero emissions engine. Albeit this project was put aside, the technology was taken in a different direction and the concept of TerraClean Decarbonisation equipment was developed. It essentially takes a vehicle back to its level of cleanliness not long after being new, improving its efficiency and performance!

This has proven very successful with over 13,000 machines in operation in the North American market, mainly in franchised dealer workshops. Whilst quite new to the UK marketplace, the technology is already proving its value to private owners and fleet operators alike, who are both saving money by reduced fuel costs and lowering their emissions.

Pricing starts from £105-why not give it a try?



Driving your Lotus is a unique experience, the combination of adrenalin and the feeling of power at your command. As its owner, it’s fun without hassle you want: low ownership costs, the best residuals in class, and now with available service plans, your passion for pure driving can be indulged even easier.

By servicing your Lotus according to the factory schedule, you can rest assured that manufacturer-trained technicians will check all key safety areas. A full Lotus service history (FLSH) is a significant asset to boost the trade-in value of your vehicle as well!

Purchasing a Service Plan from Murray Motor Company couldn’t be more straight-forward. The good news is, by opting for a Service Plan, you will have paid to do the work required before your Lotus visits the service department. It can even be tailored to suit your entire vehicle servicing needs.

A Service Plan also has the benefit of being inflation-proof. So if the price of parts or labour increases during the term of the plan, no problem, you won’t pay more.

Depending on the Service Plan you select and your own individual needs, you may have opted to include additional benefits. This can include regular MOT’s and additional fluid changes.


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